Phantom Pregnancy Remedies


By Sylvia Evans

I always give my girls  PULSATILLA & SEPIA alternating each remedy, eg SEPIA 30c potency x2 weekly...followed by PULSATILLA 200C  potency X 2 weekly. I give this from  start of the season (this was a regime that Richard Allport gave me for MARTHA years ago and it seemed to work!) If you have forgotten to start  this regime when the season commenced and the  phantom has started (and I find  they generally "kick In...hormonally speaking at about 3 weeks after season) then most homoeopaths suggest that the best remedy is PULSATILLA 30c potency given x3 DAILY for about a week to 10 days  
I have always found ARSEN ALB to be a good constitutional remedy at such times and  is good if they are feeling very  miserable (this worked well for my AN NA PAVLOVA and her owner) again 30C potency 2or 3 X daily.  
IGNATIA a good SADNESS remedy too. I have given this 2x3 x daily with good effect but I am told that it is common practice in France by those who favour homoeopathic potions to be prescribed   the remedy  as soon as the season FINISHES!...A weekly dose is given to the bitch  but  the potency is 200X I have not personally used  the remedy LILIUM TIGRINUM  but some bitches ,those who seem worse at night but are NOT actually producing milk etc, seem to benefit from it used every 4 hours ,potency 6c.  
PHYTOLACCA is the chosen remedy  for any BREAST  swelling ie mastitis, but hopefully you will NOT reach that stage!  
Most of the 6C and 30C remedies you can obtain  locally BUT I personally always prefer to get my  medicines directly from a homoeopathic pharmacy like AINSWORTHs or HELIOS ,the latter is at Tunbridge wells  BOTH have good WEBB SITES and AINSWORTHs rare the BEST, from my own experience in  a good "turn around of service"  
Finally and this is only on recommendation of a friend, I have NOT actually used, it but a friend with BEARDIES when I was having a bad  do with TESSA suggested that a remedy called BITCH ORIOPLAT made by CANINE NATURAL CURES, Purley Surrey TEL 020 86688011 worked for  one of her BEARDIEs...(BUT think that you have to start at the end of the season). All our girls are different and sometimes you have to swap about a bit to find out what may suit  each individual bitch.  

these are only a FEW of MANY such remedies available and that ALL HOMOEOPATHY MUST RELATE TO THE ANIMAL & ITS PERSONALITY AS WELL AS THE PRESENTING SYMPTOMS....too many give up when they find that just one or two remedies have not worked for them, in all probability an alternative may, Homoeopaths, both veterinary & human can often prescribe suitable alternatives which in the long term, a consultation with such, may work out less expensive in the long term than either medications provided by the regular vet, or The "Hit & Miss" trials from either buying over the counter homoeopathic remedies or the many "mixes" now provided as the "Alternatives" money spinners certainly, that have become so popular from many commercial companies now involved in the "Animal Marketplace".


Many thanks to Sylvia Evans for this article

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