Car Sickness

Put the pup in the car for five minutes a time a few times a day while the car just sat on the drive, feed the pup in the car and play with her just to get her to enjoy being in the vehicle. The next step is to sit in the car with the engine running for short periods then just progress slowly with short trip's to the end of the road and back, the shop etc....

Ginger Biscuits may work a treat but they have to be GOOD QUALITY with plenty of AROMATIC GINGER the DUTCHY variety which can be obtained in most supermarkets but pricey may be best. Peppermint helps allay anxiety of travel for some dogs and also to hang a bunch of Parsley in the car, also mysteriously seems to prevent travel sickness in SOME DOGS. High strength, one-a-day root ginger tablets from a herbal shop and give them for 2 days prior to travelling

SEALEGS: if if its a long journey, then giving one late the previous night and then another before the journey seems to work.

STUGERON: Give a whole tab the night before travel, and another half an hour before travel! No sickness, drooling and after one or two treatments the travel sickness stops altogether.

Sealegs and Stugeron are both available at Chemist prescription free

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