UK CH Sirdar Of Ghazni
  • Date of Birth: 1923-6-5
  • Colour: Red
  • Pattern: Black mask
  • Country (birth): Afghanistan
  • Country (current): United Kingdom
Breeders Owners
  • Notes: 1st notable Afghan from Afghanistan
    Sire of 6 champions
    Breeder Afghan Shikari Paghman (A Shikari, a mountain guide, and FROM the region of Paghman - Afghanistan)
    DOB June,'23 on BRS no actual date on record
    [Note added: I personally viewed his KC registration card when at the KC. This was when cards on all dogs with KCSB numbers were retained in the registration department card file, and on his registration the breeder was listed as Afghan Shikari Paghman. There was no mention of King Amanullah on the registration card - SHC]

    eight CC's
    Title December 7th, 1927
    Sirdar was bred in the kennel of the king of Afghanistan at that time, King Amir Amanullah - reddish fawn black muzzle24"
Image of Sirdar Of Ghazni
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Health Information
  • KC Stud Book Number: KCSB 1230GG
  • Title Year: 1927
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