Ajman Branwen Kandahar
  • Sire: Chinah Of Grandeur
  • Dam: Suriyeh Of Grandeur
  • Registration #: AKC HA161579 / KCR 95491/62
  • Date of Birth: 1960-12-8
  • Date of Death: 1969-1-18
  • Call Name: Smoky
  • Colour: Black and brindle
  • Country (birth): United States
  • Country (current): United Kingdom
Breeders Co-Breeder(s): Miss P Derasmo Owners
  • Notes: Imp to UK from USA
    Perfect eyesight until the end of his like. Only 1 offspring in Italy had eye trouble but dog never seen by a vet. Cataract did occur when he appeared on both sides of the pedigree.
    Withdrawn from stud after Hip Xray was found to be far from normal
Image of Ajman Branwen Kandahar
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Health Information
  • KC Stud Book Number: KCSB 1259AY
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