Zahera Of Prides Hill
Breeders Owners
  • Notes: ? Owner Dr Arthur & Mrs A W Combs
    owned at one time by Muriel Shakman
    Breeder 1936 & 1938 Mrs Margaret L Nilson (USA)
    Zahera of Prides Hill. Zahera had four litters by Badshah of Ainsdart by 1936. She was likely born at Margaret Nison's kennel in Connecticut
    Zahera was the dam of 8 litters for various kennels. She and Shabra were half-sisters
    "The foundation litter for this kennel was out of Zahera of Prides Hill, who later produced a second litter for the kennel. It is unknown if Zahera was leased or purchased by the Nisons, as the bitch produced litters for a number of kennels".
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