Shahzada (UK)(Gazelle)
  • Date of Birth: 1890-6-15
  • Date of Death: 1901--
  • Country (birth): Afghanistan
  • Country (current): United Kingdom
  • Notes: Originally named Gazelle. Presented to the British Museum in 1901 by Mrs Whitbread. Imported from Balkh in 1891. Shahzada was second in the foreign dogs class at Crufts in 1895. - /
    â€oeShahzadaâ€? was a fine, upstanding hound, reddish-fawn – almost wheaten – in colour. The body is covered with a profusion of soft, golden-coloured hair extending over the ears, shoulders and half-way down the legs, the lower half of the latter being bare of long hair although the toes are heavily feathered.

    GAZELLE) came to fame, he won under both of these names, and got a first prize at the Royal Aquarium Show. In 1901, Mrs Whitbread gave CHAZADA's and the bitch MOOROO's preserved bodies to the British Museum in Tring.
    These dogs are still on display at the museum. They measure 61/58 cm's (24"/22.8") at withers. The papers on file at the museum state that CHAZADA was born in Afghanistan, near Balk, but this is in conflict with previous records of the dog

    There has been much confusion due to similarity of names reagarding Mrs Whitbread's CHAZADA and a
    latter dog SHAZADA

    Gazelle owner Mrs J Whitbread exhibited Crufts 1895 - catalogue page 109

    Also entered dog Chang same owner ? afghan dob etc unknown

    523 Mr. J. Whitbread. Shahzada- (Afghan Barkukly
    " ^^Rojjnd). Age, breeder and pedigree unknown (irnpSfced.) Two 3rds, two 2nds, one first and two
    specials. Price £150.
    Shoulder height: 61cm
Image of Shahzada (UK)(Gazelle)
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