INT CH Rana Of Chaman Of Royal Irish
  • Sire: Westmill Bayezid Ansari
  • Dam: Safiya
  • Registration #: AKC H372047
  • Date of Birth: 1938-3-14
  • Colour: Cream
  • Country (birth): United Kingdom
  • Country (current): United States
Breeders Owners
  • Notes: Rana is the most important import to the US. He won the first Best in Show for an Afghan Hound male at National Capitol. His theatrical owner Marion Foster Florsheim glamorously put the breed on the map and founded the AHCA and wrote the American Standard
    *Imported from Ireland probably incorrect
    Al Baron lived in the UK at one time
    No the first BIS was Badshah of Ainsdart per Betty StitesLater oned by John Bamberger, Utah
Image of Rana Of Chaman Of Royal Irish
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Health Information
  • Awards: First Best in Show male in US / Garden Group Winner 1941
Pedigree Analysis Additional Information
  • Export: USA 10/39
  • Transfer: Mr Reg A Floyd (UK - Ravelly) BRS 1/39
    AKC SB Owner Mrs A J Baron (USA - Royal Irish) BRS 10/39
    Royal Irish added in US